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Project Gallery

Aquatic Aviary Zoo & Museum

Construction of Aquatic aviary , Zoo & Museum Trivandrum .

The new aviary is being constructed to offer enough space for water birds to move about. When the work is completed, birds like pelicans, storks and ibises at the city zoo will no longer have to suffer from cramped conditions. Visitors too would be able to see them in a more hospitable environment.

The new aviary will come up over the small pond on the premises and offer ample space for the water birds to move about. There will be an island in the middle of the pond with vegetation for the birds to perch on.  There will be night shelter for the birds. Bordering the pond on one side will be the visitors’ path. A chain-linked mesh will be used for the enclosure.

The aviary would provide a natural setting for the birds to thrive in. There will be facilities for the birds to roost, and build nests too. This would help bring out their innate behaviour. Provision will be made for rainwater to drain in and out.

The project which costs Rs.2.6-crore is being taken up by Steel Industrials Kerala Ltd. in two phases. The first phase which costs Rs.13 crore will be taken up this year while the second phase will begin later next year.

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Construction of Aquatic aviary kerala

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