Construction Service

Our construction team is made up of dedicated professionals who bring the latest advances in construction to every project. Our commitment to quality and extensive warranty support have led to long-term relationships and repeat business from clients in a variety of markets.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a leading-edge food processing facility or an industrial equipment sales center, our construction team seamlessly works with other disciplines to deliver facilities that meet or exceed expectations.

Bankers Construction keeps project costs under control by utilizing several processes that add efficiency and value at every stage of the process. Through constant communication and collaboration with members of our integrated design and construction team as well as the client, we focus on identifying and delivering upon key project objectives. We ensure success through increased accuracy in project delivery, especially costing and estimating.

To keep contracts on time and within budget, we manage, stores and tracks all project communications such as transmittals, letters, meeting notes, contracts, and change orders. We can also maintain historical data that can both be used for the life of the project and readily referenced in future projects. We can also successfully manage all aspects of financial reporting and project management. Our team can process all documents in a paperless manner, which allows for increased efficiencies across all Stellar disciplines and provides a cost-effective approach to all aspects of our business.

We are awarded as “PWD A Class Contractor” with our Construction service.

List of Machinery owned by Company

Sl.No Machinery Count
1 Excavator 2
2 Tipper 4
3 Mini Lorry 2
4 Jeep 1
5 Road Roller 1
6 Hot Mixing Plant 1
7 Concrete Mini Batching plant 1
8 Concrete Mixing Machine 4
9 Crane 2
10 Lift 4
11 Vibrator 10
12 Automatic Steel Cutting Machine 4
13 Automatic Bending Machine 4
14 Horizontal Bending Machine 1
15 Pressure Grouting Pump 2
16 Tanker Lorry 2
17 Breaking Machine 5 No
18 Shuttering Material 50000Sq.Ft
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